Why Honey?



For 2017, I propose that we all start to drink one glass (at least) per day of Honey Water. It’s simple – just mix a half teaspoon of honey into your water glass and drink. Why you may ask?

There are so many health benefits to incorporating honey into our everyday diets. The biggest for me is clear skin. For years, I’ve struggled with adult acne. It’s gross! It’s disgusting. And it made me feel insecure about my face and going out in public.

Hear me out though. Honey is a natural anti-oxidant. This natural product flushes away wastes and contains antibacterial properties¬†will clear skin and acne issues. I am still a bit wary of adding any heavy creams, products to my face – though I may get over that fear one day. In this case, I suggest adding one glass everyday of Honey Water. Mix warm water with honey – and if you’re feeling wild add a slice of lemon. This soothing drink will help you to clear your skin, reduce toxins and open pores. It also is great for weight loss and sore throats.



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