All Hail Kale

Kale – the ugly stepsister of lettuces and cabbages the world round. It’s tough, it’s abnormally leafy and what would you even do with?

But what if I told you about the health benefits of kale? How great it is to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t consist of kale smoothies? Sidebar, I do love a great kale and greens smoothie, but they aren’t for everyone.

Kale – let it be known – is a type of leafy cabbage. It’s grown quite like a cabbage or lettuce species. And it’s healthy for you. Kale is packed with natural vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that scare carnivores the world over.

For me, I love kale because of the taste. When you braise kale, it becomes rich and feels ‘meaty’ in a sense. It’s also low in calories and high in fiber. Did I mention the fat content? Less than 10g – of saturated fats. The good kind that you need for an overall balanced diet.

For me, kale is high in iron count. As a vegetarian, iron is hard to come by. Kale has a higher iron count per calorie compared with grass fed beef. It’s also filled with antioxidants that help prevent various cancers.

Enough about that.

The type of kale that I enjoy eating is braised kale. Here’s my favorite recipe that I’ve tailored to my own tastes. Please enjoy.


One carrot – peeled

One stalk of celery

One handful of sliced portobello mushrooms

A handful of kale – chopped

A cup of vegetable broth (or any type of broth you’d wish to substitute)

Salt/pepper to taste



Begin by pan searing the salmon. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

Add vegetable broth and let simmer.

Add chopped vegetables and cover for 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and serve in a serving dish.

Feeds 1-2 people.


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